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Welcome to

Cutteslowe Primary School

General Information

Welcome to Dragonflies Class, your teachers are Mrs Hannah Allen (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Vicky Cummings (Thursday, Friday), your teaching assistants are Mrs Michelle Bouchet, Mrs Elisa Romero, Miss Jade Tatum and Miss Clare Sowman.  Your Nursery Nurse is Mrs Lorraine Jukes.


Nursery Hours

Dragonflies class session starts at 12:20pm and ends at 3:20pm. The Foundation Stage does offer wrap around care for children who need to stay for longer, from 8am until 6pm. Please contact the office for more information.


Spare clothes

Whilst we do our best to ensure the children wear aprons, roll up their sleeves and wear wellington boots, painting, water play and outdoor play can get messy therefore it would be appreciated if your child has a named bag with a spare set of clothes in for us to change your child if needed. If your child is being potty trained it is also useful to have nappies and wipes in the bag. As we enter winter, it is ideal to have warm outdoor clothing and wellington boots for your child to change into.


Shared Learning

It is really important to us that parent/carers feel they can share their child's learning experiences with us. On our parent's board we have 'wow cards' available for you to take home and fill in any new developments your child makes. This helps us build a better picture of your child's experiences and can be included in their learning journals. Every child has a learning journal which is filled in with photos and observational notes of your child's learning experiences. We then use this information to assess against the new EYFS curriculum.


Sticker charts

In nursery we use stickers as a method of giving positive praise to children for good behaviour and work. Every nursery child has their own sticker chart and when it is full they will receive a prize for their hard work. 


Snack time

All the children are offered a snack of fruit and a drink of milk or water during circle time, therefore no other snacks are needed to be brought in.


Stay and learn sessions

For the stay and learn sessions, you're invited to stay and play with your child for the first hour of the session. Please see the school calendar for future dates.


Parent helpers

It is greatly appreciated when any parents offer their help within the nursery to supervise with activities such as reading, cooking and painting. Please let Mrs Jukes know if you are interested.


Reading box

We have a book box accessible in the nursery entrance for parent/carers and children to help themselves to reading books as often as they like to take home. Please let us know if any have been damaged.