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Kilvrough October 2022



We have just left the service station and sat back says 1 hour and 45 mins so ETA is 6:05pm.

The coach has just departed from Kilvrough - with current traffic conditions and a quick stop we expect the children to arrive at school at 6pm. See you then!

Friday 7th October


Our last daytime saw us head to Mumbles beach where the children were given the opportunity to explore the rocks and hunt for various bits of sea life in the rock pools.


Amongst the finds were plenty of crabs, star fish and even a couple of small fish.


We then braved the very strong winds to ascend a steep staircase to have lunch by the lighthouse and admire the stunning view across the bay.


We then returned back to the centre ready to sort ourselves out for departure.

Friday Rock Pooling

Thursday 6th October:


Today was a fantastic and fun day of rock climbing, abseiling and scrambling at different spots around the beach and sea.


The children worked together to support one another with belaying them as they took turns to climb carefully up a rock face, before supporting them as they abseiled back down. This was a particularly tough challenge for some children being able to trust others to look after their safety. As the day progressed, the children became more confident with the tasks. Some groups even faced the challenge of abseiling down to the crashing waves starting to form below as the tide came in.


The latter part of the day saw the children have the opportunity to scramble over larger rocks compared to yesterday’s coastal walk, crawl through more caves and help one another observing ‘Blow Holes’ from a very close distance.


We even got the chance to see a seal again in the sea (and this time we got a photograph!).


The children’s effort and attitude continues to impress both teachers and instructors

Tonight will be a quieter night with a film as the children start to pack up and reflect on their time away, preparing for their return tomorrow. 

Abseiling, Rock Climbing and Scrambling photos

Thursday Morning Room Inspection Songs

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Again as part of the room inspections, some of the children sang songs to earn bonus points for their room inspections.


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Still image for this video


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Wednesday Evening:


The children worked together in their groups to create a den using only the natural materials located around them. 

All 3 groups worked well together to create some good quality dens especially given the darkness of the woods and the limited resources and time available. 

The evening was finished around the campfire with marshmallows and biscuits.

Wednesday Evening Den Building and Campfire

Wednesday 5th October:


Today the children defied the strong wind and rain and went on a coastal walk not too far from the centre.

The children scavenged for different rocks, shells, crab shells, sharks eggs and other interesting artefacts on their adventure, as well as rock pooling, scrambling and lots of hiking! A couple of the groups even snuck in a bonus cave crawl on the way back to the buses.


The highlight for most of the children was the appearance of two wild seals who came to see what all the noise was on the beach! Unfortunately, between the reflective surface of the water and the sneaky seals disappearing when the cameras came out, they evaded any photographic evidence! Nevertheless, the children enjoyed the experience of seeing them.


The children behaved impeccably given the harsh weather conditions at the start and were rewarded with the sunshine later on.


Tonight, the children will be den building and having a camp fire, with the weather hopefully behaving!

Wednesday Coastal Walk Highlights

Wednesday Room Inspection Singing

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In order to try and gain bonus points for the room inspections, some of the girls created a rap to impress the judges

Tuesday Evening Team-building:


Tonight the children worked together to develop their various team-building skills that have been their focus for the week.


They had to make a tennis ball roll down different drain pipes into a bucket, build a giant Jenga tower and remove ‘toxic’ waste (a range of plastic tubes) from a restricted area using a hook and string.


The children have worked extremely hard today and are all eating well…tonight’s dinner was pasta and bolognese, salad and apple crumble. They are definitely being well fed!! 

Tuesday Evening Teambuilding

Tuesday 4th October:


Today all the children embarked on the hour long drive to the caves to beat the rain (and potential postponement of the caving later in the week) where the children were able to experience a range of different caves in the Welsh countryside.


The children worked together and helped support and encourage one another as many of them overcame a range of issues to successfully complete different levels of challenge within the caves.


These included the legendary ‘Letterbox’, ‘Toilet Seat’ and ‘Washing Machine’ sections of the caves where the children persevered the fear of pushing themselves as well as the darkness of many parts.


The children were extremely brave and were rewarded with cakes and biscuits afterwards before returning to the centre.


Tonight sees the children take part in more team building activities as the wind and rain batters down in South Wales!!

Tuesday Caving

Orienteering on Monday evening

Monday evening saw the children split into groups and explore the outside of the grounds with an orienteering activity. Re children had lots of fun running around and finished the evening having a hot chocolate and writing letters to you all back home.

Monday 3rd October:

This afternoon the children have settled into the house and their rooms and been given a tour of the site to familiarise themselves with where everything is.


After that, the children split into their activity groups and took part in a range of team building activities. The children had lots of fun and managed to succeed in many of the challenges presented to them- these included a hanging maze, a leaky pipe, a human knot and arranging themselves in different orders.


Everyone is settling in well and we are looking forward to the evening ahead.

Monday afternoon team building

We’ve arrived!

10.40am We have made our stop at the services over the border and our next stop is Kilvrough! We should be there about midday. The children are all enjoying themselves and have been entertained with Ice Age and Mulan on the journey!