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Kilvrough 2019-2020

First Day at Kilvrough


We arrived at Kilvrough just after 12:00pm. Even though it started to rain this didn't dampen our spirits! After a quick tour of the manor, the majority of Year 6 made their beds to an impressive standard; however, some serious tidying up will be in order before tomorrow's first room inspection. Mr Hazeldine is very hard man to impress! After lunch, everyone collected their waterproofs and wellies ready for an afternoon of team building exercises in the manor grounds. Good communication proved to be the key element in completing the tasks. Dinner this evening was jacket potato, beans and sausages, followed by chocolate cake and custard. Our evening activity involved hunting for clues all around the Kilvrough grounds; this was thoroughly enjoyed by all. After drinking a hot chocolate together in the lounge, everyone was so tired they took themselves straight to bed before 9:00pm without being prompted by the adults. This is a Kilvrough first!



Day 2


Today has been our first full day at Kilvrough and what a fun packed day it has been! After fighting the teachers for the Coco Pops, the children also enjoyed either toast or yoghurt for their breakfast. We then split into our two activity groups: one went climbing and abseiling and the other went on a waterfall walk (as an alternative to caving after heavy rain overnight made the caves inaccessible).


Group A really enjoyed their waterfall walk, where they got to see lots of nature up close and personal and got to walk behind a waterfall - getting absolutely drenched in the process (Water good time they had!).


Group B stayed local and went to the beach where they spent the morning scrambling over rocks. Then in the afternoon, abseiling down an enclosed cliff space, with water splashing up from below, and then climbing back up. They worked brilliantly together to support each other, with all children having a go and persevering even when they were struggling.


After a hearty lasagne, jelly and ice cream, all the groups took part in an orienteering challenge around the grounds. They worked in groups with children from Radley Primary School to solve the clues and find the orienteering points.


Tomorrow Group A will be body boarding and Group B will be caving, unless the caves are still inaccessible, in which case they will go on the waterfall walk. 



Day 3


Our 3rd day has been a busy and tiring one. We started the day with another fight for the Coco pops! Sadly, we have now run out for tomorrow. The children also had some warm croissants and toast (it's a hard life). One group went bodyboarding and the other explored the waterfalls (the rain is still making caving inaccessible to our groups).


Group A made a trip to the beach for some bodyboarding. After many shuffles and shakes to manoeuvre into their wetsuits they hit the waves for a few hours stopping only for lunch. They were so engrossed with their new found water ability they almost missed high tide and had to run to keep their bags dry, then stayed on the beach up until the last minute! They found jellyfish and lots of seagulls and then struggled to get their wet clothes off again!


Group B went exploring the woods for waterfalls. They started their adventure looking out for everything that nature offers. We found frogs and mushrooms along the way. We climbed down and along a very slippery path to get behind the waterfall and the children (and adults) found it awesome to experience the force of the falls. We then climbed the 170 steps back up before scrambling up a 100ft route back to the intended footpath.


After an incredible day for all, we came back for chicken casserole with mashed potatoes followed by apple crumble and custard. They spent their evening under torch light in the woods making dens out of branches, rope and anything else they could find! Although lots of them were sturdy, none could protect from the impending rain so we came back inside for hot chocolate and much needed rest (the children were begging for bed).


Tomorrow Group A will rock climb and abseil while Group B is off to try the body boarding.



Day 4


This morning began with cereal and bacon rolls - very delicious! Group A headed to the coast to try some rock climbing and abseiling. Everyone demonstrated amazing teamwork skills, from belaying and keeping their teammates safe, to offering words of support and encouragement. Every member of the group demonstrated strength and resilience in the face of a new challenge. Before heading back to the manor, the children went for a scramble across the rocks.


Group B enjoyed a day at the beach bodyboarding. The waves were high today which provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to try out a new skill. The wetsuits worn by the children and adults kept everyone warm enough to spend several hours in the sea. A lot of fun was had by all.


This evening, we enjoyed vegetable pizza and potato wedges, followed by strawberry Angel Delight - very retro! The evening was rounded off with a film in the lounge. Tomorrow, both groups are spending the morning at the beach rock pooling and creating sand art.