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Who are the governors?

The governing body is made up of the Headteacher and people from various different groups who have an interest in the success of the school, including parents, staff, the local authority and the community. The governors welcome a range of viewpoints, and make decisions together about a variety of issues. Between them governors have a wide breadth of skills and experience to enable the governing body collectively to support and challenge the school leadership. As vacancies arise specific skills are targeted to fill gaps in the governing body. As a result, key professional skills are represented from law, accountancy, architecture to educational skills.


Chair of Governors: Ernest Lennon

Vice Chair: Tom Scholes

Headteacher: Giles Civil

Impact Committee Chair: Tom Scholes

Resources Committee Chair: Roi Amir

Clerk to Governors: Judy East


Assessment Lead Governor: Roger Young 

Behaviour & Attendance Lead Governor: Tiffany Ko

Communications Lead Governor: Tiffany Ko

Finance Lead Governor: Roi Amir

Health and Safety Lead Governor: Rabyah Khan

Pupil Premium Lead Governor: Cllr .Andrew Gant 

SEND Lead Governor: Tom Scholes



Parent Governors: Roi Amir, Tiffany Ko, Tom Scholes & Roger Young


Community Governors: Rabyah Khan, Ernest Lennon & Angus Philips,


Local Authority Appointed Governor: Cllr. Andrew Gant


Staff Governors: James Williams


Associate Governor: Erin Kennedy (Deputy Headteacher)